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Just Keep Singing!

Worship 2018 WORSHIP is the word God has given me over and over again for 2018. He kept reminding me… when you don’t have the words, when you don’t know how to pray– just sing. Just worship until the words of the songs become truth to your spirit, to your heart, to your soul. I […]

Dead No More!

Today at the Beloved Blog, we welcome one of our Beloved Moms, Mandi Aycock. Mandi is one of those friends that you often thank God for– she is loyal, kind, and always full of grace and truth. Not to mention, she’s  a gifted writer– enjoy her wisdom, enjoy her humor, and enjoy this insight into […]

Love and Be-Loved

Today at the Beloved Blog, we welcome Mary Margaret Curtis! Mary Margaret is the daughter of one of our Beloved leaders, Kim Fuller 🙂 Since today is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to talk about love. I know that often times when we talk about love, everyone kind of checks out because we’ve pretty much all […]

Moved with Compassion

Anyone want to find community through suffering?! Um… no thanks. But, if we’re honest with our selves… don’t we all suffer? Sure, some suffering is much more obvious to the outside world… divorce, cancer, the death of a loved one. Suffering can also be found in the not-so-obvious… the husband who is worried he won’t […]


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